A swim meet cannot run without volunteers

Please consider helping with one of these jobs

#Meet Manager – one parent

The Meet Manager makes sure that all jobs are filled and that things run as smoothly as possible. They must be willing to approach people at the meet to help fill jobs at the last minute. The Meet Manager needs to be familiar with all the positions, the potential problems, and be able to draft helpers and give rapid on-the-job training.

*#Starter -  2 starters, one for each half

The starter operates the "Start System" to make announcements; combining events when possible to expedite the meet, starts each event, judges false starts and makes sure back stokers’ feet are underwater before the start of the race.  

Timers - 12 timers, six for each half.

Each lane of the pool needs one timer from each team. Timers need to use a stopwatch, supplied by the team, to time the events of the swimmer in their lane and then record the times onto the individual event cards.

Back up Timer – 2 back-up timers, one for each half

The back-up timers time each event, they start the timer and look for regular timer to raise his/her hand which indicates that the timers stop watch malfunctioned. At that point the back-up timer goes over to that lane and finishes as the regular timer.

Place Judges – 2 place judges, one for each half

Place judge needs to watch as each event finishes and record the order that the swimmers finish onto a place sheet.

#Bull Pen/Line-Up Coordinators – 4 in bullpen, two for each half

The bull pen/line-up coordinators lines up the swimmers in the order of event and how they approach the lanes, tells them their lane to swim, and sends them to the start blocks.

#Runners – 2 runners, one for each half

The runners collect the event cards from each timer, the place sheet from the place judge, and the disqualification sheets from the stroke & turn judges. The runners then bring those cards/sheets to the score table. \

*Score Table – 4 parents, two for each half (2 parents for away meets)

They take the cards from the runners and tabulate swimmers’ times and team scores. This job requires attention to detail, organization, and ability to work with numbers.

#Concession Stand – 8 to 10 people, four or five for each half (you can see your child swim)

Sells concessions at the meets.

*Stroke and Turn Judges – 4 stroke & turn judges, two for each half

If you are already trained as a stroke & turn official, please advise the Meet Manager or Parent Committee President ASAP. If you swam in the past you would be an ideal candidate. If you are willing to be trained please advise the Meet Manager or Parent Committee President ASAP.

# 50/50 Raffle – 1 person during first half

Sell raffle tickets. The 50/50 raffle is held at the brief intermission between 1st and 2nd half.

Locker Room Monitors – 2 male and 2 female parents, one of each for each half

Monitors are to periodically check the locker rooms. Swimmers should not be "hanging around" in the locker rooms during a meet. The locker rooms should be left clean and the showers should be off.

* These jobs require additional training

# These jobs are required for home meets only