Next Committee Meeting is 

Wednesday 10/8/14

All parents are welcome!!!

We are still in need of Parent Representatives for various age groups. 

If you are interested, please contact Liz McKiernan, Parent Committee President.

NUT free items for Agawam Piranha Concessions/Banquets

The Agawam Piranha families are committed to keep the swimmers safe. One way is to provide nut free items at the concession stands. If a swimmer or a family member has a nut allergy and touches a table where even crumbs from an item with nuts are on it, the individual just has to touch the table, touch his/her face and a reaction may occur (swollen hands/face/lips, rash, hives, GI symptoms). In severe allergy reactions, the throat can close within minutes or even seconds.

To avoid any reactions like this, please follow these suggested guidelines:

• Read the list of ingredients. If you are purchasing any mixes, potato/corn or chocolate chips and even sauces/dressings, please read the food label. More than

50% of the cookies, crackers, cereals on the market contain nuts. Look below the ingredients to see check additional information:

o “Contains: eggs, dairy, soy and tree nuts” (the main allergens must be listed here). Do not purchase if it contains peanuts or tree nuts (almonds, cashews,

walnuts, pistachios, pine nuts, etc.). If it states: “manufactured on equipment with peanuts, tree nuts, dairy, eggs, etc.” Do not buy that product if it states this as this little bit can cause a reaction.

o If it states: “manufactured in a facility that processes eggs, soy, nuts…” Do not buy as there is no guarantee there was no cross contamination in the facility.

o Manufacturers can change formulation of products so if it was safe when you recently bought an item, it may no longer be safe. Please always check the label.

• If you are cooking/baking an item, put all nuts/peanut butter away and please wash down all surface areas with soap and hot water before preparation to ensure a nut free item. Also, be sure to wash your hands thoroughly before baking and wrapping items.

• Ask the baker if you are buying baked goods if someone with an allergic reaction to nuts would be able to eat the item purchased. If in doubt, do not buy.

• Do not bring leftover Halloween candy that has chocolate – the majority of chocolate on the market now has traces of nut. Plain M&Ms have peanuts (used for

flavoring). Safe candy includes: Wonka, Tootsie Rolls, most lollipops, but always check the label. Some candy corn, gummy worms/bears may contain traces of nuts.

This sounds like a lot, however, allergies are on the rise and your support and cooperation is greatly appreciated to keep the swimmers and their family safe.

Smile for the camera......

We will be having Team Pictures done this year for those who are interested. 

More details to come...