Practice Schedule

The Agawam Piranhas fall season starts October 2014 and runs through January 2015. 

Returning swimmers, please report on Monday at your last season's practice time.

We practice at the Agawam Jr. High School, Monday - Thursday from 6:00 pm - 8:15 pm. Practice times are subject to change.

Starting 10/14 until end of November

8 & under and 9-10 practice have the option to attend either 5:30-6:15 practice or the normal 6:00-7:00

Those who come at 6 will do 15 minutes of dry land. 

Age 11 and Up - 7 p.m. to 8:15 p.m.

If practice is cancelled for any reason, it will be posted on the calendar in ALL CAPITAL LETTERS.

We have practice 4 days a week to make it easy to fit your schedule. There are no mandatory attendance requirements (you can swim 1, 2, 3, or 4 nights a week), but the more time you put in, the quicker you improve. We teach all the strokes and skills necessary to be able to participate in a competitive swim meet and we try to take into account each swimmers unique personality. Note that Practices are subject to changed due to weather, holidays, etc.

Meet Schedule

 Home or Away
Saturday Nov 1st
 vs. East Longmeadow
 8:30am warm up
9:00am start
 Saturday Nov 8th
 No Meet
 Bye Week
 No Meet
 Saturday Nov 15th
 @ Belchertown
Chestnut Hill Community School
59 State Street, Belchertown, MA
 Saturday Nov 22nd
 vs. Amherst
 8:30am warm up
9:00am start
 Saturday Dec 6th
Hampden-Wilbraham Regional High
621 Main Street, Wilbraham, MA
 11:30am warm up
12:00pm start
  Saturday Dec 20th
 @ West Springfield
West Springfield High School
425 Piper Road, West Springfield
 8:30am warm up
9:00am start
  Saturday Jan 10th
 @ Ludlow
Loudlow Boys & Girls Club
91 Caludias Way, Ludlow, MA
11:30am warm up
12:00pm start
 Saturdy Jan 17th
 vs. Springfeld
 8:30am warmup
9:00am start
   Saturday Jan 24th &
Sunday Jan 25th
@ Longmeadow High School
35 Grassy Gutter Road
Longmeadow, MA

All meets - Please arrive 15 minutes prior to warm-up and check in with the coach upon arrival.

Swimmers must register by Monday for Friday meets, by Tuesday for Saturday meets, and by Thursday for Tuesday meets.

If you are going to be late to a meet or will not be there on short notice, please contact your Parent Representative. 

Please do not contact the coaches before the meets as they are busy getting things set up for the meet.


Bring with you: towel, flip flops, 2 swimsuits (one extra), 2 pairs of goggles, 2 swim caps, water, healthy snacks (bananas, peeled oranges, fruit bars, granola bars...keeping in mind of peanut allergies), a sharpie marker, shower supplies if you want to take a shower after your last swim, a good attitude!

Why a sharpie marker...  it's a great idea for the swimmers to write their races on the outside of their hand/arm. Yes, between the chlorine and the shower after the meet it will wash off. See below for what to write.

What to do when you arrive (15 minutes before warm up starts):
1.  Check in with the coaches.  (Not just say hi, but make sure that we check your name off of the list so we know that you are there!)
2.  Get changed into your swimsuit if you have not already.
3.  Check the paper posted on the wall to see what events you are swimming.
4.  Write down (on paper or your arm - use your sharpie!) the event numbers and what it is you are swimming (ex. #1 25 free, #13 50 breast, #56 100 back, etc.)
5.  Warm up at the warm up time, listening to what the coaches tell you. It tends to be crowded so just be patient and ready to get in the water.
6.  Dry off, stay warm, hydrated and nourished!!
7.  Watch the bullpen area, if they are on event 1 it will say (#1, #10 on the flip chart). If any of your event numbers are between the numbers posted you should be waiting in the bullpen.  Continue to watch and as soon as you see your number on the right side, grab your index card from the parent volunteer ONLY FOR THE MEETS THAT USE CARDS (there are no cards for Monson so you will just go right into the bullpen) and head up to the bullpen.
8.  Follow directions from the bullpen volunteers, get in your lane and get ready to swim (goggles & cap on before you stand on the blocks)!!
9.  Race hard, and have fun!!
(Also while you are waiting in between events it is great to cheer for your teammates!!!)